Some types of studies that POWERCONSULT developed for some of its customers in the areas of electrical studies for power systems, basic and executive design and environmental studies are described below:

1 Electrical Studies for Power Systems

In the area of electrical studies for Power Systems:

 1.1 – POWERCONSULT developed studies on the formation of the final prices of the energy produced by various natural gas power plants, combined cycle and open cycle, in operation or being feasible in the Brazilian interconnected system for ABB Ltda. The studies developed were:

– Definition of the values for the various parts that make up the final cost of generation (portions related to gas, to investment and operation and maintenance), in US$/MWh.

– Presentation of the gas price in $/MMBTU, efficiency (%), heat rate, gas consumption, rates of return used in equity and financing interest rates, cost of total investment (US$/kW), capacity factor of the plant, fixed and variable operating and maintenance costs, life of the project, operation date, depreciation, transmission tariffs, insurance, taxes (PIS, COFINS CPMF, IR, social contribution), considered exchange rate, etc..

– Simulations through financial analysis model.

Contract: 4 months

1.2 – POWERCONSULT developed for ABB Ltda., Studies of electrical systems for the definition of the configuration and performance evaluation of the transmission line Ibiúna – Bateias 500 kV. The studies developed were:

– Study of Load Flow, Energization, and Fundamental Frequency Rejection

– Studies for the Definition of Bundle Configuration

– Study of Insulation Coordination

– Verification of Power Requirements for Lightning

– Studies of Electromagnetic Transients for Energization Switching, Three Pole Reclosing and Load Rejection

– Study of Electromagnetic Transients Associated to Load Rejection

– Study of Monopolar reclosing – Secondary Arc Extinction

– Comparison of Transfer Impedance

Contract: 5 months

1.3 – POWERCONSULT developed Studies in the area of protection involving ATP studies for functional testing of protection systems of the transmission lines Tucurui – Maraba, Maraba – Açailândia, Açailândia – Imperatiz and Açailândia – P. Dutra for ABB Ltda. The studies developed were:

– Establishment of a set of results in Contrade format for simulating of various faults and protections based on studies using ATP.

– Simulation of various types of faults (internal faults, external faults on the parallel line, external faults on bars, evolving faults, closing under faults (Switch on to faults – SOFT), reverse current, unsuccessful reclosing, high-resistance faults, tests without communication between the two terminals.

Contract: 6 months

1.4 – POWERCONSULT developed studies for ECTE – Companhia Catarinense de Transmissão de Energia about the energization of the third autotransformer 525/230/13,8 kV of SE Blumenau. With this study, it was possible to finish with the operational restrictions in the energization of the referred transformer.

Contract: 3 months

1.5 – Also developed for ENTE – Empresa Norte de Transmissão de Energia design and feasibility studies for the fourth circuit of the North-Northeast Interconnection (Tucurui-Maraba-Açailândia 500 kV), involving:

– Load flow, energization and rejection in steady state

– electromagnetic transient relating to energization maneuvers, three pole reclosing and load shedding

– Induction on parallel lines

– Transient recovery voltage (TRV) of circuit breakers

– Single-pole reclosing

– Induced Voltages and currents in the grounding blades

Contract: 6 months

1.6 – The same studies mentioned above were developed for the transmission line Vila do Conde – Santa Maria 230 kV, and the ERTE – Empresa Regional de Transmissão de Energia, the Contractor.

Contract: 6 months

1.7 – POWERCONSULT developed studies involving the grounding system of hydroelectric generating units of UHE Castro Alves for Construções e Comércio CAMARGO CORREA. With these studies, it was possible to dimension the distribution transformers and the secondary resistors (grounding) for the three generators of this plant. The studies developed were:

– Calculation of the equivalent capacitance and voltages and currents, after application of single phase to ground fault at the terminals of the generators, according to the IEEE C62.92-1989.

– Simulation in the program Alternative Transient Program – ATP, to confirm the results.

Contract: 3 months

1.8 – POWERCONSULT developed power systems studies for the feasibility and development of Basic Design of North-South Interconnection II, 500 KV, for the Aleph Serviços e Gestão de Energia S/C Ltda. The studies developed were:

– Study of induced voltages in parallel lines

– Study of induced voltages and currents in the grounding blades

Contract: 2 months

1.9 – POWERCONSULT developed for FGUP “VO Technopromexport” studies for the implementation of specific model and performance test for the voltage controller to be installed in the substation of San Luis II.

Contract: 2months

1.10 – POWERCONSULT developed Studies to Empresa AMAZÔNIA – ELETRONORTE TRANSMISSORA DE ENERGIA S.A., for the transmission lines of 230 kV Coxipó – Cuiabá, Cuiabá (double circuit) – Rondonopolis (single circuit), of Mato Grosso transmission system

– Study Induced Voltages in Parallel Lines

– Studies of Total Load Rejection in Rio Verde at Fundamental Frequency

– Study of Load Flow, Energization and Load Rejection at Steady State

– Studies of Energization, Load Rejection and three pole reclosing at Fundamental Frequency

– Study of Induced Voltages and Currents in grounding Blades

– Analysis of the positive and zero sequence voltages in order to verify umbalances

Contract: 6 months

1.11 – POWERCONSULT developed Electromagnetic Transients studies for Schahin Engenharia SA for Campos Novos – Blumenau/Biguaçu C2, 525 kV transmission line, involving:

– Energization and three pole reclosing Studies for the transmission line;

– Studies of load shedding;

– Single-pole reclosing;

– Transient recovery Voltage;

– Opening of the empty load line;

– Opening considering disagreement of phases;

– Opening of grounding blades;

– Asymmetry of the short-circuit currents.

Contract: 6 months

1.12 – To Schahin Engenharia S. A.,carried out studies of electrical systems for the Optimization of North – South III Interconnection, involving the evaluation of the adequacy of the 500 kV cross-rope tower type with expanded bundle for use on the lines of this interconnection. The studies were developed to:

– Determination of electrical parameters of the cross-rope tower type with expanded bundle

– Meeting the requirements of electric and magnetic fields, in establishing the new geometric configuration of the expanded bundle

– Analysis of the geometry of the tower from the point of view of insulation coordination, the maximum operating voltage, the performance to switching overvoltages and lightning.

– Analysis of the reduction of series compensation in the north-south trunk, verifying the adequacy of the voltage profile and flows, as well as the degree of shunt compensation.

Contract: 6 months

1.13 – POWERCONSULT developed studies for COOPFURNAS to define the transmission system to supply Mineração Onça Puma, through access to the National Interconnected System, in the Maraba substation, in Para state, at 230 kV. The studies had the objective to define the system integration, to give support to the technical specification of the components of the supply system of the Mining and evaluate the reflection on the minimum requirements of quality and compliance, presenting the impacts of these facilities in the Basic Network. Then, power flow studies were conducted, Energization studies, Overvoltage dynamic studies, load shedding, Electromechanical Stability and Voltage Stability.

Contract: 5 months

1.14 – Developed for ABB Ltda. studies for the evaluation of HVDC alternatives in order to make possible the flow of energy generated at hydroelectric dams on the Madeira River (Jirau and San Antonio), with capacity of 6450 MW, and the Belo Monte Hydroelectric Complex, with 5500 MW in the year 2015. POWERCONSULT analyzed alternatives in ± 600 kV and in ± 800 kV. Related to the Belo Monte integration system, contingency analysis was developed in order to verify if the overload capacity of the series compensation of the Interconnection North – South circuits were not violated. Studies were developed to evaluate losses, to evaluate the electrical characteristics of transmission lines under electric field and corona effects and to make economic analysis of alternatives.

Contract: 15 months

1.15 – POWERCONSULT developed several studies for the feasibility and development of the Basic Design of the third circuit of North – Northeast Interconnection (Tucurui – Maraba – Açailândia – Presidente Dutra 500 kV and Açailândia – Imperatriz 500 kV transmission lines) and the Tucurui – Villa do Conde (2nd circuit) transmission line, through consultancy contract with ABB Ltda.

These transmission lines have had their bid for concessions by ANEEL, and the Consortium ALUSA – Companhia Técnica de Engenharia Elétrica, SCHAHIN Engenharia Elétrica e SCHAHIN Engenharia Ltda won the auction. ABB Ltda. was hired by the Consortium for the execution of engineering studies, definition and acquisition of equipment and construction (EPC). The developed studies were:

– Power Flow Studies, Energization and Rejection at Fundamental Frequency

– Determination of Short Circuit Current

– Studies on the Nominal Interruption Capacity Nominal in Short Circuit (ratio X / R)

– Electrical Studies for Definition of the Configuration and Performance Evaluation of Transmission Lines

– Studies for the definition of bundle configuration

– Insulation Coordination Study

– Steady State Studies

– Verification of Energy requirements for lightning arresters

– Electromagnetic Transients Studies for energization maneuvers, Tripolar reclosing and Load Rejection

– Stuck breaker Studies – Requests to Neutral Reactors

– Monopolar Opening with by-pass of the neutral reactors

– Study of requests to neutral reactors and to the Neutrals of Line Reactors with the neutral reactors by-passed (occurrence stuck breaker and opening of the by-pass)

– Tripolar Opening with stuck breaker

                      With Neutral Reactors by-passed

                      Without of Neutral Reactors by-pass

– Electromagnetic Transients Studies associated to Load Rejection

– Study of Monopolar reclosing – Secondary Arc Extinction

– Study of induced voltages and currents in grounding blades

– Study of Induced voltages on Parallel Lines

– Studies for Transient recovery voltage (TRV) of circuit breakers

1.16 – POWERCONSULT developed several studies to Madeira Transmission System (2 bipoles, ± 600 kV, 6300 MW, 2475 km), for ODEBRECHT – CNO, including the Alternatives Study for the Santo Antonio hydroelectric Plant Energy Transmission – interconnection between the plant and the Porto Velho collector substation, Studies for the 007/2008 ANEEL auction (Madeira transmission), and Development of the full budget for auction purposes of the Madeira transmission system.

1.17 – For ABBPOWERCONSULT developed all studies for the basic design of Lots A and C of the 007/2008 ANEEL Auction (Madeira Transmission), which involved the dimensioning of the DC system, consisting of DC two bipoles (2×3150 MW ± 600 kV) between Porto Velho (RO) Collector substations and Araraquara (SP), with an approximate length of 2375 km, two back-to-back (2×400 MW), two 230 kV transmission lines between Porto Velho collector substation and Porto Velho and Araraquara substation.

1.18 – For TAESA, POWERCONSULT developed bundle optimization studies for the Teles Pires transmission lines, including analysis of the data used in R1 and R2 reports referred to the maximum wind speed and relative air density, important parameters for the optimal technical and economic definition of the project, evaluation of the proposed configurations in R1 and R2 reports regarding the type of conductor cables – CAA, CAL, CA and CALA, number, gauge – commercial and non-commercial, the subcondutores position in each phase considering the regular bundles – circular and elliptical, the calculation of electrical parameters for sequences zero and one, the electric fields on the surfaces of the conductors of the phases, the electric and magnetic fields on the soil surface and at 1 meter high, radio interference levels and audible noise and the balance angles of the conductor cables. The values of fields and interferences were calculated along a transversal profile of the right of way and compared to the limits specified by the technical standards and Brazilian law.

It was checked and made the adequacy of the R1 and R2 reports proposed configurations to be supported by structures of the types: single pole tower with simple circuit, “cross-rope” tower with simple circuit, “Danube” tower with Double circuit and vertical double circuit. The structures weights were also calculated based on the geometric locus of the conductors of each phase for each structural model.

The cost per kilometer of the alternativeswere evaluated, considering the unit costs of all the physical components, the electrical losses and of percentual costs related to logistics of construction, both supplied by ANEEL and EPE.

Technical and economic analysis of each bundle configuration and of the structures studied was carried out in order to define the optimal conductor cable.

1.19 – For the Madeira Project (2 bipoles, ±600 kV, 6300 MW, 2475 km), POWERCONSULT developed the following studies for ODEBRECHT and ABB:

Before Auction:

  • All feasibility and developing studies as a previous transmission engineering design for the Madeira transmission Project in order to have a detailed technical reference design to be used in bidding proposals in the ANEEL auction.

  • Complete understanding of the bidding documents

  • Definition of design criteria, including meteorological model

  • Choose of transmission lines corridors and reference right of ways

  • Definition of towers family

  • Technical and economical evaluation of cables, lightning cables and arresters

  • Single line diagram of the 500 kV sectors of the plant and 500-230 kV substations

  • Plant and cuts of the outgoing transmission lines and their connections to the SF6 (GIS) substation of the Madeira hydroelectric plant

  • Plant and cuts of the temporary installations of the 500-230 kV substation

  • List of equipment, services and other items that may impact the costs of the alternatives

  • Basic specification of 500-230 kV transformers

  • Definition of special and typical foundations

  • Definitions of line crossings and ongoing transmission lines

  • Definition of all line materials, including grounding systems

  • Definition of all material quantities

  • Definition of lay-outs and optimization of all substations

  • Choosing of the sites for the new substations

  • Definition of criteria and quantities for earth works, foundations, drainage and access roads

  • Definition of basic characteristics of the main equipments

  • Definition of protection coordination philosophy, control, automation and communication

  • Definition of telecommunication

  • Survey of quantities for budget purposes

  • Interfaces with existing equipment and systems

  • Proposition of alternative arrangements for the outgoing circuits and for interconnecting the sections of the powerhouse

  • Elaboration of a table showing quantities of materials (columns, beams, brackets, metal or concrete, rigid and flexible bare conductors, grounding conductors, insulators, IP’s, hardware)

  • Estimated quantities of civil works, including volumes of excavation, concrete and backfill for concrete equipment foundations and structures for busbars, buildings, drainage, channels, access roads

  • Simulations to define alternatives for the allowed annual revenue (RAP)

  • Accompanying and follow-up visits to the sites of installations of new and existing substations and transmission linesOuvir

After Auction:

– Design of converter stations of the bipole Porto Velho-Araraquara to be supplied by ABB, as well as the Back-to-Back 500kV/230 kV in Porto Velho, of CCC type, to be supplied by ABB

– Network validation, load flow, definition of configurations and operating conditions (this produced the Network Data Summary report), including HVDC (Araraquara substation) and the Back-to Back (Porto Velho – 230kV)

– Stability Studies

– Fundamental frequency stability study

– Angle (synchronous) instability (generators falling out-of-step)

– Frequency instability (lack of active power in system)

– Voltage instability (lack of reactive power in part of the system)

– Verification of insufficient synchronizing power, resulting in monotonic instability

– Verification of insufficient damping, resulting in oscillatory instability

– Verification of insufficient reactive power support, resulting in voltage collapse

– Developing of CCC dynamic model (These are studies to improve the back-to-back dynamic model – type CCC to be installed at Porto Velho)

– Emergency power control, frequency control and damping control in order to verify bipole and back-to-back performance

– Verification of instability risks and proposition of solutions

– Common faults as comutation failures, single phase and three phase faults in the connected AC system at the inverter side, single phase and three phase faults in the 230 kV connected AC system

– Pole transient fault and permanent blocking of one pole or one bi-pole

– Temporary DC line ground fault on one pole of the HVDC overhead line

– Basic design – decisive configurations and operating conditions

– Final verification – complementary configurations and operating conditions

– Temporary Commutation Failures of all HVDC converters at the inverters

– Single phase and three phase faults in the connected AC system at the inverter side

– Single phase and three phase faults in the connected AC system at the rectifier side

– Single phase and three phase faults in the 230 kV connected AC system

– Temporary DC line ground fault on one pole of the HVDC overhead line

– Permanent blocking of one pole; permanent blocking of one bi-pole

– Multi-Infeed Study (considering Itaipu and Belo Monte), in order to verify the integrated performance of the HVDC systems

– Fundamental frequency overvoltage, in order to simulate blocks and other disturbances in converter stations

– Frequency Scanning for filter design, Z(w)

– Equivalent for transient overvoltage studies to be performed in EMTDC

– Equivalent for Dynamic Performance Study (DPS) to be performed in EMTDC

– Reverse power direction

– Model development to be delivered to customer. All the developed models were consolidated in a report.

Contract: 24 months

Basic and Executive Design

In the areas of Basic and Executive DesignPOWERCONSULT developed the Basic Project of a transmission line and a 230 / 34.5 / 13.8 kV substation that supply Siderúrgica GV do Brasil, in Pindamonhangaba, São Paulo.

In addition to this, POWERCONSULT developed several projects among which:

  • Basic Project for the Expansion of Rocha Leão, Viana 345-138 kV, Adrianópolis 500kV substations, from FURNAS.

  • Basic Project for Russas 230-69 kV, from CHESF.

  • Basic Project for Guamaré 138 – 69- 34,5-13,8 kV substation – Campo de Ubarana – Petrobrás

  • Executive Project for Pituaçú 230 -69 – 13,8 kV substation, from CHESF

  • Executive Project for Angra dos Reis 500 -138 kV substation, from Furnas

  • Executive Project for Blumenau II 138 – 69 -23 – 13,8 kV substation, from CELESC

  • Executive Project for Gravataí 3 230- 69 kV substation, from da Eletrosul

  • Executive Project for the Expansion of Santa Cecilia Plant, Coelho da Rocha, Três Rios and Aldeia Campista substations, all in 138 kV, from Light.

  • Basic Project for the 230 kV UTE Termoparaiba – Mussuré transmission line

  • Basic Project for the 500 kV AC and 600 kV DC Porto Velho – Araraquara transmission line

  • Basic and Executive Project for the 230 kV UTE TermoManaus – Pau Ferro transmission line

  • Basic and Executive Project for the 138 kV transmission line for connection of Bonfante, Monte Serrat e Santa Fé small hydroelectric plants.

3 Socio-Environmental Studies


In the Environmental areaPOWERCONSULT developed to COGEN, SP, studies and researches for the Physical Environment, necessary for the preparation of the Environmental Characterization Reports (R3) of transmission lines that interconnect ICGs to biomass co-generation plants.

In addition to this, developed several projects among which Characterization Studies and Socio-Environmental Analysis (R3 report) of the following 230 kV transmission lines:



SE Anastácio – SE Sidrolândia


SE Sidrolândia – SE Imbirussu


SE Imbirussu – SE Chapadão do Sul


SE Chapadão do Sul – SE Jataí


SE Chapadão do Sul – SE Inocência


SE Inocência – SE Ilha Solteira 2


SE Imbirussu – SE Rio Brilhante


SE Rio Brilhante – SE Porto Primavera


SE Dourados – SE Ivinhema


SE Ivinhema – SE Porto Primavera


SE Barra dos Coqueiros – SE Quironópolis


SE Palmeiras de Goiás – SE Edéia


SE Inocência – SE Paranaíba I


SE Paranaíba I – UTE Paranaína II


SE Rio Brilhante – SE Santa Luzia II


SE Santa Luzia II – UTE Santa Luzia I


SE Santa Luzia II – UTE Eldorado


SE Ivinhema – UTE Ivinhema


SE Ivinhema – UTE Amandina


SE Ivinhema – UTE Terra Verde


SE Ivinhema – UTE Cerona


SE Sidrolândia – UTE Vale do Vacaria


SE Sidrolândia – UTE Anhanduí


SE Chapadão do Sul – UTE Costa Rica


SE Chapadão do Sul – UTE Entre Rios


SE Chapadão do Sul – UTE Chapadão


SE Chapadão do Sul – UTE Porto das Águas


SE Chapadão do Sul – SE Guatambu


SE Guatambu – PCH Figueira


SE Guatambu – UTE Nardini


SE Jataí – UTE Jataí


SE Jataí – UTE Perolândia


SE Jataí – SE Mineiros


SE Mineiros – UTE Água Emendada


SE Mineiros – SE Morro Vermelho


SE Morro Vermelho – UTE Alto Taquari


SE Edéia – UTE Tropical Bioenergia I


SE Edéia – UTE Tropical Bioenergia II


SE Quirinópolis – UTE Boa Vista


SE Quirinópolis – UTE Quirinópolis



POWERCONSULT developed for VENTOS TECNOLOGIA studies and research necessary for the preparation of the Characterization Studies and Socio-Environmental Analysis Reports (R3) for ICG Mossoro III – Collector Substation and the 230 kV reiforcement transmission line for the Basic Network Mossoro III Collector Substation – Mossoro II substation and 230 kV Russas – Banabuiú substation, Mossoro II Collector Substation.

For RENOVA Engenharia has developed studies and researches for the Physical Environment, needed to produce the Characterization Studies and Socio-Environmental Analysis Reports (R3) for the 500kV Milagres II – SE Milagres III transmission Line.

Also for RENOVA Engenharia developed Environmental technical specifications for Construction of Wind Farms.

For ENGEVIX Engenharia developed the Construction Environment Programme of the Environmental Basic Project of Simplicio hydroelectric Power plant, Environmental Assessment and Investment Budget for the São Domingos Hydroelectric Plant, Technical and Budget Analysis of the Environmental Studies of Baguari Hydroelectric Power Plant, Review of Environmental Impact Studies for Baixo Iguaçu Hydroelectric Power Plant, Consolidation of Socioeconomic Diagnostic of Environmental Impact Studies of Simplicio Single Fall Hydroelectric Power Plant, Final Consolidation of the Environmental Impact Studies of Foz do Chapecó – 840 MW, Simplicio – 202 MW and Santa Isabel – 1500 MW Hydroelectric Power Plants.