The Declarations of the companies that POWERCONSULT provides services are presented below  in PDF format for viewing the contents thereof.

  • ABB Ltda. – (North – Northeast Interconnection – 3rd circuit Studies)

  • ABB Ltda. – (Definition of the Final Prices of the Produced Energy by Thermoelectric Plants)

  • ABB Ltda. – (500 kV Ibiúna – Bateias Estudos Transmission Line Study)

  • ABB Ltda. – (Protection Studies for the 500 kV Tucurui – Marabá, Marabá – Açailândia, Açailândia – Imperatriz and Açailândia – Presidente Dutra Transmission Lines)

  • Aleph Serviços e Gestão de Energia S/C Ltda. – (500 kV North – South II Interconnection Studies)

  • AMAZÔNIA – ELETRONORTE  TRANSMISSORA DE ENERGIA S.A. – (230 kV Coxipó – Cuiabá, Double Circuit,  and Cuiabá – Rondonópolis,  Single Circuit, Transmission Lines Studies)

  • Construções e Comércio CAMARGO CORREA – (Studies involving the Grounding System of the Hydroelectric Generating Units of UHE Castro Alves)

  • ECTE – Empresa Catarinense de Transmissão de Energia – (Studies to Finish with the Operational Restrictions in the Energization of the 3rd 525/230/13,8 kV Autotransformer of Blumenau Substation)

  • ENTE – Empresa Norte de Transmissão de Energia – (Studies for the Fourth Circuit of the North-Northeast Interconnection)

  • ERTE – Empresa Regional de Transmissão de Energia – (Studies for the 230 kV Vila do Conde – Santa Maria Transmission Line)

  • SCHAHIN Engenharia Ltda.  – (Electromagnetic Transients studies for the 525 kV Campos Novos – Blumenau/Biguaçu C2, Transmission Line)

  • CER – (Pre-Operational Studies for the Assuruá II, V and VII Wind Power Plants – Energy Quality Studies)

  • CER – (Pre-Operational Studies for the Assuruá II, V and VII Wind Power Plants – Eletromagnetic Transient Studies)



  • ENERGIA DOS VENTOS – (R2 Report)

  • ENERGIA DOS VENTOS – (R3 Report)

  • LEME ENGENHARIA – (Basic Design Studies – Lot A – Auction ANEEL 05/2016)