POWERCONSULT works with a multi functional team qualified to develop a wide variety of studies and support on specific projects offering services with high quality and reliability at competitive costs.

POWERCONSULT has capacity and experience to perform the following activities:

  • Development of business in the areas of generation, transmission, distribution and commercialization of electric energy.

  • Power sector market analysis (consumption, load growth, consumers) and energy planning (resources evaluation, dimensioning, and competitiveness).

  • Definition of the necessary basic information for the complete definition of the project, including technical, economical and financial feasibility studies for selected projects (cost/benefit analysis).

  • Establishment of a management model that best fits the peculiar conditions of each project for the participation of the investor in bidding processes for Independent Power Production, concession bidding, consortia/joint ventures and in assets to be privatized.  

  • Support to concessions, authorizations, and regulatory approvals for the power plants and transmission lines construction and operation as required by the regulatory agencies, local utilities, environmental institutions, municipalities, state and government.

  • Elaboration of engineering studies in the areas of generation, transmission (also for HVAC and HVDC) and distribution, including: loadflow, load shedding, short circuit, stability, special protection schemes, insulation coordination, overvoltages, harmonics, control schemes modeling, power factor, wheeling, grounding etc.

  • Development of studies in the área of High Voltage Direct Current.

  • Development of Basic Design and Executive Design for transmission lines and substations.

  • Transmission line optimization with the use of compact towers and expanded bundle – concept of HSIL – High Surge Impedance Loading (Transmission Lines with High Natural Power and FEX – Expanded Bundle)

  • Development of social and environmental studies and research in general, studies and research required in environmental licensing procedures, studies and research required in archaeological licensing procedures, environmental project management (planning, construction and operation stages), coordination of multidisciplinary field teams and institutional management of licenses, permits and authorizations.

  • Training and development in technical and management areas to improve the performance of electrical companies.